Before or After the Theatre

Create an evening of complete culture emersion

We’ve crafted the ideal accompaniment to your evening of theatre with our three course Curtain Call menu.

Curtain Call Menu

f i r s t choice of…

arugula salad  |  red quinoa. parmesan. grape. toasted walnut. lemon-honey dressing

clam chowder  |  leek. potato. bacon. chive

s e c o n d choice of…

“bbq” salmon  |  cucumber gazpacho. charred onion. asparagus. sunflower. dill. pickled parsley root

mushroom spaghetti  |  truffle. fine herb. sherry

beef sirloin bevel  |  roasted garlic butter. jus

t h i r d…

carrot cake  |  carrot…. soil-cake-raw-caramel & candied. pistachio. chamomile

sorbet  |  seasonal fruits. chocolate crumb. sorrel





Six hour self-parking for $13 at 55 East Monroe Garage for evening theatre! Receive parking validation from the host stand. 

Valet is also available from the Monroe Street Entrance.

Menu available 5pm - 10pm.